The mission of SundanceKid Press is to promote cultural, racial/ethnic and linguistic diversity in children’s literature. SundanceKid Press is looking for submissions from storytellers who represent the rich cultural diversity of the United States. Writers are encouraged to submit fiction or non-fiction stories for children age 5 through 14 (kindergarten through middle school). Story ideas may be drawn from the writer’s own experiences growing up in the U.S. or from their children’s experiences in this country. Writers are encouraged to share their own cultural traditions/heritage/customs/beliefs as they relate to life in the U.S. The author may also express through storytelling the ways he/she overcame problems or conflicts related to their culture, ethnicity, race and/or language. Authors may also submit fiction manuscripts which depict diverse characters. SundanceKid Press is committed to promoting diversity in all its forms and will consider manuscripts related to less frequently published themes such as mental health, adoption, LGBTQ, and developmental and learning disabilities. However, priority will be given to manuscripts which promote racial, ethnic and cultural diversity in children's literature, specifically those cultures and ethnic groups which have been historically oppressed and marginalized in this country (people of color). To submit a story or for more information please email

Text must be written in English. Please paste text into the body of your email. Author to choose the second language. Translation and editing will be provided. Poetry welcome.

PAYMENTS Dollars and Cents
Authors will receive pre-negotiated royalties from the sale of their book upon acceptance by SundanceKid Press.

Illustrations will be provided. Illustration suggestions are welcome.

300-600 words for Picture-Books. 1,000-2,500 words for Early Readers. Picture-book manuscripts are preferred at this time.

Email Jennifer!