Our Mission Statement
The mission of SundanceKid Press is to promote cultural, ethnic, racial and linguistic diversity in children's literature. The United States is comprised of people from virtually every country on Earth. Our diversity is not a weakness, it is our greatest strength. If children are taught from an early age to appreciate cultures and languages other than their own, then as adults they will be less likely to discriminate against and disrespect people they view as 'different.' We at SundanceKid Press believe that fostering a greater understanding of culture and language is critical to building a more compassionate and peaceful society. SundanceKid Press publishes children's literature in two languages: English and the author's native or chosen language. SundanceKid Press publishes children's literature which represent a variety of cultures, ethnic groups, and races. SundanceKid Press is just getting started! For more information please email Jennifer at

Approximate percentage of the world’s cultures, ethnicities, races, languages and religions represented in the U.S.

Jennifer is of primarily English and German descent and grew up in Sunnyvale, California. She has an M.A. in Urban and Environmental Policy from Tufts University, a B.A. in Environmental Studies from UC Santa Cruz, and a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from San Jose State University. After she graduated from UC Santa Cruz, Jennifer spent two years as an Environmental Education Volunteer with the U.S. Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic. In 1995, she returned to attend graduate school and spent a few years in Washington, DC working for environmental nonprofits. Jennifer has also taught third grade, summer science and language arts camps, and tutored elementary school students in reading, writing and math. In 2014, Jennifer self-published her first memoir, 'Never Give Up: Buddhism, Family and Schizophrenia.' This memoir is based on her blog at In her spare time Jennifer enjoys photography, writing children's stories, Buddhist chanting, and playing soccer.

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